3 Main Reasons to Build a Mobile-Friendly Website

More than 60% of the internet searches are done using a mobile. The results of these searches direct the person towards websites related to the keyword. Now, if the website is not well-optimized for mobile users, the bounce rate is certainly going to hit the roof. Don’t you think?

Before we move further and share 3 reasons to build a mobile-friendly website, we need to ask you two questions:

  • Aren’t you reading this blog on your mobile?
  • If not, won’t you prefer to read it on your mobile phone?

If your answer is “Yes” to any of these questions then right there is one of the biggest reasons that you need to optimize your website for mobile phones.
A majority of people prefer to browse on their mobile because it is convenient and they do not need to sit in front of their laptop or computer to access the website. Moreover, if they learn about a new website, they can visit it instantly through their phones.
Now, you don’t want your website to spoil that first impression where the person wants to check out your website using the mobile. Now, let’s focus on the 3 reasons to build a website optimized for mobiles:

Wider Reach and Audience

You may argue that a lot of people work on their desktops and that is where they do internet surfing. We agree that working on desktops is still preferred but don’t you think that a majority of people use their smartphones to do their research, read articles, and discover new businesses.
Just think about it, people swipe thumbs or give voice commands on their phones to search for something while they have to type the whole thing on their desktops. You already know what is the most preferred choice for research. Moreover, people are shifting most of their work on mobiles, let alone doing the research. A mobile-optimized website offers a wider reach because being mobile-friendly is one of the criteria for ranking on search engines, so it’s crucial too.

A Better User Experience

Have you ever come across a website that looks stunning on desktop but equally haywire on mobile? Well, that’s what happens if you don’t optimize your website for mobile users. This leaves mobile users with a sour experience and, in most cases, a bad impression. You wouldn’t want that to happen, would you?
So, you better optimize your website for mobile users because almost every visitor on your website has the potential to turn into your customer.

Good for Business

Among all multi-device purchases, 58% of the purchases are completed using mobiles. Most of the users make online payments using their debit and credit cards and shopping on mobile is preferred because they can easily copy-paste the OTP.
If your website is mobile-friendly, there are more chances of conversion. It is because if visitors like the experience, and at the same time, find value in your product, they will be more likely to purchase it.
There are multiple reasons to build a mobile-friendly website but these are the 3 main reasons that are enough to convince you. For more “to-the-point” and relevant blogs, stay tuned!

Eden Hazard
Content Editor

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