website designing company in Nepal, Choosing The Right Thing

Go to Google and search best web designing company in Nepal or website designing company in Nepal. Go to search results, click on their website and fill up the required form and wait for a quote. Chances are when you search the best web designing company in Nepal and do as said in above and ask for a quote to 5 different companies, you shall end up getting five very different prices.

Why?. The company is dubbed by Google search as best web designing companies in Nepal and with same specifications, the same requirement then why different prices?. The prices of website designing in Nepal depends on a lot of factors but ironically the cheaper the quote once receives the more costly website is!!!!.

Cost one pays in terms of the possibility of a data breach, low-quality user interface, template-based designs, no customized approach and as consequence Huge Damage to a most important asset of all which is BRAND. That cost is often more than the cost of the highest quote received to develop the website.

However, the cost is just one of the factors while choosing the website one needs to go for. The most important aspect is having right documentation of what all would be there in a website, how often website shall need edits/updates, is website scalable etc.

Quite often we come across a lot of websites which has sections which don’t make sense, we have navigation which makes browsing website look like solving puzzles and content which needs to highlighted, is put on pages difficult to find. Many times we come across websites which didn’t need a CMS system but has one. Websites which should have had quick inquiry form but it doesn’t.

Bottom line again comes down to a simple thing. A website should be one which works for you and since you, as a business are unique in its own way, a website to needs to be customized. It needs a unique approach and not “Factory” approach. A website is the combination of Art, Science and business sense, it is not a product, it is an online projection of who you are a business!

Better choose the right thing, website matters because of you as business matter!

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Eden Hazard
Content Editor

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