7 useful facebook features to grow your business effectively

 7 Facebook features to grow your business effectively

Facebook had 2.934 billion monthly active users in July 2022,  placing it 1st in ranking of the world’s most ‘active’ social media platforms, according to Datareportal (July 2022). Facebook is not just for photo posting but also for helping companies grow. Facebook gives your company the widest exposure, strengthens your online reputation, improves deep relationships with clients, provides a complete collection of business tools, and boosts overall efficiency. Businesses should comprehend various Facebook features to get their business to move north on the growth graph.

There are mostly 3 aspects of Facebook which must be focused on to grow your business. Let’s look in detail.

Your Business Page

facebook for business

A Facebook business page is a public social media presence created specifically for businesses. Like personal Facebook accounts, Facebook business pages allow you to create online contacts. Via posting links, status updates, photographs, and videos on Facebook, brands market their products and services. So how to use it, then?

1. Make an Appealing Business Page

A Facebook Business Page should always appear professional. Compliance with your brand’s core values is the key to creating a beautiful Facebook page. Appealing looks, aesthetic appeal, high engagement, and maximum sharing are crucial to have a successful Facebook Business Page.

Facebook features to grow your business effectively

2. Take a peek at competitors and evaluate

Competitor Analysis You should definitely use the Page to Watch feature to keep tabs on what your competitors are doing on Facebook. You can check your competitors’ pages using Facebook Insights’ “Pages to Watch” tool. You can check for What particular material is working effectively for your competitors? How frequently do they post? Which factors most influence engagement? You can create better content that performs better once you are aware of this.

News Feed and Story

Facebook Feed and Stories

A feed is a constantly updated list that has activities of your friends or the pages you follow in the middle of your home page, which contains status updates, photographs, videos, links, app activity, and likes. Whereas, Facebook Stories are brief user-generated photo and video collections that are shown to your audience for 24 hours.

3. Always focus on quality vs. quantity.

Post Quality Over Quantity


Always focus on the content’s quality rather than quantity when determining what to post on Facebook. Since you want to market social media content and eventually generate sales, you must spend more time creating better Facebook posts. For this, it’s important to choose relevant themes, write enticing copy, and generate interesting static posts.

4. Invest in videos

One of the most crucial things you can do to strengthen your Facebook strategy is to create video content, as people will watch videos and spend more time watching your ads. According to statistics, Facebook videos have an average engagement rate of 6.01%, and films with subtitles also perform well, increasing viewing duration by 12%.
Thus, your Facebook video content should be entertaining to watch and appealing to your audience.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

5. Invest in the Right Tools

Any bad move you make could result in financial loss, just like with any Facebook advertising campaign. A number of Facebook advertising solutions need to be examined by you as a business owner in order to prevent this. You can do this by using applications like Facebook Ads Manager, AdEspresso, AdRoll, and others.

6. Learn about the audience with insights

Audience Insights

Facebook Audience Insights provides you with aggregated data on Facebook users and those connected to your Page. Relationship status and location are combined by Audience Insights to provide information about the customers interested in your company. You can also find Facebook Audience Insights within the Facebook Ads Manager. Thus, you can utilize these insights and make Facebook ads more targeted which will definitely help to grow your business.

7. Use Facebook Pixel for Retargeting

A Facebook Pixel is a snippet code that may be added to the backend of your website. It is an analytics tool that assists companies and brands in determining and enhancing their ROI through accurate measurement of their advertising. Pixel data may be used to create advertising audiences, ensure that the correct individuals are seeing your ads, and unlock more Facebook advertising options. So, you should make good use of Facebook Pixel.

Other than these, you can also launch your Facebook events, run Facebook Live videos to cover events and make a Facebook Group.

All in all,

Whatever your business is if you want to utilize Facebook features and Facebook ads then either you have to do it by yourself or get in contact with a good Facebook Marketing Company. Well, doing it by yourself is quite daunting as it requires certain professional knowledge and a good amount of time. So, if you are a big or small business in Nepal and want to avail best Facebook Marketing services, then you must hire a good Facebook Marketing Company in Nepal. For this Nirvan Studio is the best name. We offer great Digital Marketing services in Nepal, including Facebook Marketing.

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