Know – How of Website Development in Nepal – A brief Guideline

At this time, having a brick-and-motor presence may not be as profit-yielding as having a digital presence. Thus, having a website along with a killer social media presence is a must. Talking about a website, According to Technopedia, a website is a collection of accessible, interlinked web pages that share a single domain name. These websites can be created and maintained by an individual, group, business or organization.

Aspects of Website


The frontend of a website contains fonts, language, pictures, colors, dropdown menus, and sliders that users interact with. Frontend development allows for designing intuitive and business-centric user experiences for a website. It is critical in expressing own’s identity to clients and eventually contribute to the company’s success by increasing web performance.


The backend of a website is responsible for data storage and organization and ensures effective client-side functionality. The backend communicates with the frontend, sending and receiving data shown on a web page. A backend developer works to build and maintain the technology and allows the user-facing portion of a website to exist in the first place. The backend validates these features and information before retrieving it from the database and routing it to the user interface for presentation on the frontend.


Cyber security is the most widely used technology, method, and policy for protecting computers, servers, mobile devices, networks, and data against malicious/cyber attacks. Its purpose is to reduce the danger of cyber-attacks and to prevent the illegal use of systems, networks, and technology.

How is a website made?


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP are some of the languages web developers / Web designers use to write code and create an appealing website. In these computer programs, coding is important. Not only that, but to build any type of website, coding is the basic work. 


CMS helps you to create and design a website without coding. CMS is beneficial for managing all forms of infrastructure work rather than constructing and building a system. Even if you lack specific technical skills or experience, CMS may assist you in developing, administering, and modifying a website.

How does Website Development in Nepal function?

A typical Web Development Company in Nepal provides custom website solutions offering a welcoming feel to users while integrating clients’ overall marketing goals and uplifting the brand identity. The major focus of such a company is to develop responsive web design along with full-fledged website development. Further, a Website Development Company in Nepal provides a reliable website hosting solution, Domain registration along with handling every aspect of your website.  

Most of these companies also seek to build and handle eCommerce website – The hotcake in the website development industry. 

Opportunities and Challenges for companies dealing with Website Development in Nepal


  • Many international clients outsource their web development and IT-related projects
  • A favorable environment to grow and develop great websites
  • Web development is a flexible, professional field and career for the IT field


  • Lack of skilled manpower in the IT field
  • Lack of Technological advancement
  • Lack of International Payment Gateway
  • Problem to convince newbie customers in website development

Why choose Nirvan Studio for your website designing and development?

We build amazing websites and robust software applications. By collaborating with our skilled team, you will have a solid Web application to surpass your competitors. We also build new websites or redesign old ones to improve SEO performance, produce the greatest user experience, and increase inquiries. We also create feature-rich and conversion-optimized eCommerce websites. As a leading website designing company in Nepal, Nirvan Studio builds the best website for you, which will eventually help you gain better visibility.


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